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Indie Theater
Fan Films

Welcome! Here is a fun list of short indie projects by my friends and colleagues to satiate your content needs.


If you would like to be added, or have a suggestion for a video that would be a good fit here, contact me through the link below! Please take the time to check out the creators pages, listed on their videos! 

-peter jang


Pawns Poster  2020.jpg
White Ranger vs. Scorpion
Man Going Nowhere
Grayson: Earth One
MK: Noob vs Stryker
One Punch Man
Jong Yick: Chapter 1
Green Ranger vs. Ryu
Street fighter Showdown
Grayson: Earth One Ep. 2
True Romance
MK: Lost Souls
Jong Yick: Chapter 2
Batman vs. Killmonger
Nerd Vs. Scorpion
Every Anime Fight Ever
Peter Pan
Zatanna Vlog
Pawns Poster  2020.jpg
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