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"Pawns", masterfully directed by Peter Jang, has captivated audiences and critics alike, earning it prestigious recognitions and a strong presence in film festivals worldwide. This action-packed short film has been celebrated for its gripping narrative and dynamic action.



  • Best Action Short of the Year, Action on Film International Film Festival, 2019

  • Best Action Sequence - Martial Arts, Action on Film International Film Festival, 2019



  • Marina del Rey Film Festival, 2020

  • Golden State Film Festival, 2020

  • Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival - HRIFF 2025

  • Culver City Film Festival, 2019

  • KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival, 2019

  • Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival, 2019

  • Great Lakes International Film Festival, 2019

  • Action on Film (AOF) MegaFest XVIII, 2019

  • Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival and Writers' Competition, 2019


These accolades underscore "Pawns" as a standout film in the action genre, praised for its exceptional filmmaking and storytelling prowess.

Two crime syndicate leaders manipulate their best men to fight to the death as a means to avoid all out war. 

10 Minutes

Written and Directed by Peter Jang


(in order of appearance)


Robert's Wife


Pedro's Father



Victor Bodyguard 

Gustavo Bodyguard

Directors of Photography

- Rustic Bodomov

- Mary Vincenti

- Peter Jang

- Simon Rhee

- Jeff Hohimer

- Eduardo Roman

- Troy "Taz" Cantaneda

- Vaughndio Forbes

- Eduardo Servello

- Juan Mosqueda

- Justin Gant

Pawns is an allegory for warfare and the hierarchical systems of the world that allow people in power to exploit those in their charge for personal gain.

Coming Soon

Boss Uzi
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Meet The CEO


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Peter was born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in the rural area surrounding Alum Creek State Park. As a teenager through college he was a black-belt Taekwondo athlete, 5 times winning national titles in both forms and fighting competitions. After graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in Economics, Peter started working as an actor and stuntman and has over 100 credits on TV shows and movies over his decade long career. In 2016, Peter founded Simplicity Pictures, Inc as both a loan-out corporation for his performing career as well as an award winning production company that has amassed over two dozen awards and official selections at film festivals and screenwriting competitions across the world. Through his films, Peter hopes to foster change in the world through thoughtful introspection masked with entertainment.

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Simplicity Pictures, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA


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